OTAO maintains a volunteer legislative committee and a paid lobbyist to effectively monitor issues and voice our members'concerns at the state level.

Why Advocate?

  • Awareness: To increase public and policy makers' awareness of occupational therapy services and the value of OT to our community.
  • Education: To educate policy makers on the many benefits of OT for our consumers.
  • Reimbursement: To assure inclusion of occupational therapy services and secure reimbursement for those services.
  • Protection: To protect occupational therapy's scope of practice and licensure laws.

Our Lobbyist and our Legislative Committee would like you to be aware of several documents. Click the links below to find out more!


To track bills in the legislature that effect OTs go to: 
Login:, password: therapy! 


Interested in helping? Contact our Legislative Co-Chairs or OTAO. Members can also post & read forum discussions here.

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