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In spring 2014, Congress made a $1.1 billion investment in state-based community mental health services. Oregon received one of 24 planning grants to gather stakeholder input regarding the establishment of federally certified community behavioral health centers (CCBHC). These centers represent an opportunity to include occupational therapy as part of community mental health services

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What is OTAO?

The Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon - a 501 (c)(6) tax-exempt organization - is a community of Occupational Therapy practitioners formed around our passion to help others find a quality and a balance to life, no matter what the area of specialty we have chosen.  

We unite around common goals, common needs to gain further education and knowledge. We believe in and advocate for the practice of occupational therapy throughout Oregon.

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OTAO has created a strong community where practitioners can come together, grow and support the practice of occupational therapy through advocacy, education and networking.

Membership includes access to advocacy, quality continuing education, professional resources, special discounts, networking with colleges and so much more! 

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